Beautiful Homes.
Strong Communities.

The Right Amount Construction builds more than houses. We provide high-quality residential construction that restores and reinforces communities in Baltimore.

We hire locally and offer a competitive compensation package, so our employees do not need a second job to survive. We believe that it's important to pay our employees enough so that they can afford to live in the houses that they are building.

We build it

Like We're Going to Live In It


Historic Expertise

Whether you are in a historic district or just have an affinity for historic houses, we can get it done they way it should be.


Technical Repairs

Old houses with old house problems. If we don't have the answer, we know where to find it.


Structural Rennovation

When an updated floor plan calls for removal of a load bearing wall, we are the team the professionals will refer you to.

our values are built in

We Take Pride in our work

You can expect every project to be up to our high standards. No project is finished until we are proud of it.

we cut miters, not corners

You can be sure we do what's BEST in the long run for our clients.  We never make decisions based on what is the fastest, easiest, or cheapest.

We Take Our Projects Personally

Building homes is personal. We make sure you and our team feel like we are collectively creating a sense of home and community every step of the way.

Your One-Stop-Shop

Our team can handle general construction and specialized projects including electrical, plumbing, custom carpentry, and more.

Let's Build Something

Bring your project to life with TRA Construction.